There’s a new circusboy in town

For a long time – longer than I care to think, but not as long as people were telling me to get a mobile phone – people have been telling me that I should write a blog.

Should I?

Apparently it’s the done thing nowadays. They say that it’s good for your ‘online presence’ and you ‘virtual reputation’ or some rubbish like that. I don’t know.

Over the past year or so I’ve gotten into twitter, the ‘micro-blogging’ site, and have loved it. I’ve connected with old friends, made new friends near and far, I’ve made people laugh, I’ve been made to laugh, I’ve shared, I’ve even been a virtual stalker. If I can micro-blog, I can real blog.

I’m not sure what I’ll be blogging about yet; I haven’t yet found my path but I’m sure that it’ll be some combination of circus, gymnastics, film, events, leadership, team building, personal transformation, and random thoughts and musings on my life and life in general. I also expect there’ll be an occasional rant from time to time.

Until I find my way I’m taking my lead from a whole bunch of people. To name a couple of important ones:

  • Willem. One of my best friends. He’ll come up in conversation from time to time. He writes his blog ‘Ice Cream For Everyone’ here.
  • James. Another of my best friends. We speak twice a week. He writes his blog ‘Jesus Is My Homeboy’ here.

Now that I’ve covered the basics I’ll go see what I can do about making my page look a bit pretty.

In the words of Oliver, ‘So long, fare-thee-well, pip-pip cheerio, I’ll be back soon’.

1 thought on “There’s a new circusboy in town

  1. Dude…

    Welcome to your residual self-image!

    Great to see you starting this. Thanks for the link too! I’ve mentioned you in my last blogpost…in a round-about way.

    Enjoy this journey.

    May it never end.


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