The Greatest Song Ever Written

Today is 25th June 2010. A year ago today, Michael Jackson died.

From time to time I’ve been known to say that the greatest song ever written was a Michael Jackson song. I don’t say it because I’m the biggest MJ fan (I’m  not) or because there aren’t songs I like more (there definitely are). And I’m don’t say it because he died last year. I’ve been saying it for years.

I say it because I really believe that this particular Jackson song is true genius.

The song of course is Smooth Criminal, released on MJ’s  1987 album Bad.

The reason I say Smooth Criminal is the Greatest Song Ever is because of this:

It’s long. The short version (released on Bad) is 4.19 min. Of course there’s also the extended dance mix which runs well over 7 minutes, and in Moonwalker it runs nearly 10 minutes! And it has very few lyrics. Mostly it’s all ‘Annie are you ok? Are you ok Annie?’ With an occasional ‘She ran underneath the table’ or whatever.

But – and here’s the catch – it never, ever feels repetitive or boring. Does that make it the greatest song ever written? I don’t know. But it’s f***ing awesome either way.

He certainly had his flaws but he was a talented man.

“Ok, I want everybody to clear the area right NOW!”