Email, Grammar and Life Away from a Computer

Last year I spent far too much time sitting at my computer.

Last year I spent far too much time dealing with email.

Last year I spent far too many days at home.

I am a teacher. I teach circus skills. Most people get to deal with their work email while they are at work, getting paid. When I’m not teaching I’m not getting paid and yet I still have to deal with my email on my “time off”.

This year is going to be different. This year I am going to get out of the house and away from my email.

I have read about the infectious nature of email. I have read about how addictive it can be. I have become infected and I have been an addict, and for a long time I have been thinking about cancelling my email accounts all together. But in today’s day and age that’s just not practical. However, I recently read The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris, which I’m sure some of you have read and have taken up the idea of an email auto-responder.

Here is my brand spanking new email auto-responder:

Hello Family, Friends & Colleagues,

Over the past year I have been finding it increasingly difficult to deal with all my emails in a timely manner and have often neglected my emails due to being busy teaching circus – or simply not being able to face a bulging inbox every couple of days! (My job is supposed to be teaching circus NOT dealing with email!)

In 2011 I am starting work on several new projects on top of my teaching, including starting a new youth circus company, Airborne Circus (, and expect that I will be busier than ever.

I will only be dealing with emails twice per week, most likely on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes, depending on my teaching schedule, and I will only be responding to emails that are deserving (clear, well written, good grammar, etc). I will not be dealing with emails that are undeserving (unclear, not spell-checked, bad grammar, etc), and I will not be handling email on my iPhone – I have in fact removed my email account from my iPhone.

If you have something pressing and need an URGENT response please call me on 07941 866 555 and I will be happy to speak with you.

Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to your well-written emails.

All the best,



Do you have email addiction? Do you use an auto-responder? Do you use your email spell-checker and have good grammar? Let me know in the comments.


Adam tweets as CircusBoy1 if you fancy following him.

Adam’s youth circus company is Airborne Circus.

2 thoughts on “Email, Grammar and Life Away from a Computer

  1. That’s a great idea chap, and one I applaud.
    My friend Bash (do you know her?) does a similar thing but twice a day.

    It’s fairly useful for keeping your brain fresh and clean.

    Best of luck to you.

    • I’ve met Bash but I wouldn’t say we really know each other. I’d do it twice a day if I had a computer-based job but seeing as my job is kinda “hands-on” it’s often hard to find the time to handle all the emails I get. Hopefully this’ll keep my inbox a touch clearer and allow me some free time away from my desk! Like a movie-night perhaps?!

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