Getting My Ducks In A Row

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a proper update. Recently I’ve been posting a lot of photos and videos but I figured that since it’s now nearing the end of July I should probably give a mid-year update on the 7 things I created for 2011 (there was an April update here).

1. Learning More

I’ve continued my quest to learn and so far this year I’ve been focusing on learning about property (not least because I’m looking to buy a house!). I attended a property investing course recently which was led by Kevin Green. I’ve done some speaking in my time and was very impressed with Kevin. He’s incredibly wealthy (far beyond anything I could ever hope for from teaching circus!) but it was his generosity and humility with it that struck me. I learned a lot over the weekend and am gearing up to use some of what I learned from him.

I’ve also started learning about tax but it’s far too early to say what I’ve actually learned. So far I think every question I’ve asked has led to three more questions!

2. Not eating when I’m full

Apart from one or two slip ups (which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed!) I’ve been very good at leaving food on my plate if I’m full. I’m not very good at it but it’s amazing how much difference eating slowly makes!

In Completion & Creation: From 2010 to 2011 I talked about how I’d noticed that I worry what my friends will think if I don’t eat as much as possible or as much as them. Eating more than them was really about winning, looking good or proving something – not that it actually made me look good, proved anything or won. But thankfully, the more I’ve taken on stopping when I’m full the less I’ve been concerned about what others think if I stop eating. I have some freedom with eating – or not eating as the case may be – that I didn’t have before.

I also read The Four-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss and started the Slow-Carb diet that he outlines in it. I didn’t really mean to start the diet; it just sort of happened. But nevertheless once it was started I ran with it. In the first 6 or 7 weeks I lost just over 5kg and I wasn’t even doing everything that Tim recommended in the book (ie. none of the supplements and none of the exercise). It was effortless – and easy! But over the last two weeks I got lazy. I started eating crap again – lots of chocolate, lots of bread, rice, pasta, cake, etc. I regained about 2kg and generally felt heavy. So as of a couple of days ago, I’m back on it. Not because I’m massively keen to lose loads of weight (although who’d mind losing a bit, right?) but because it took eating badly for a couple of weeks to realise how much I prefer to eat well – lots more vegetables, lots more beans, lots more salad – rather than crap all the time.

3. Getting Airborne Circus up and running

A lot of my time recently has been dedicated to getting Airborne Circus going.

I’ve put a fair effort into getting Airborne known and have been running a few workshops that have been very well received. A good friend of mine is building my website and although it’s taken longer than I’ve wanted to get it online (at the time of writing it’s still not live) but I’m a guy on a budget and he’s doing me a huge favour by building it for me so I can’t really complain. Plus he’s frickin’ awesome and it’s due to be done this week so I’ll be forever in his debt when it finally goes live!

Obviously my time hasn’t been taken up building the site. I’ve been working on getting promotional photos done, building relationships with the local council and local arts organisations and, true to “fortune favours the bold”, I’ve been looking for buildings to turn into a circus school, funding sources, and other background stuff.

I recently found a building that I thought would make a good circus school. It was a semi-derelict community centre very near to where I live about 21m x 7.5m but it was only 4m high. For a long time I’ve tried to convince myself that even though the ceiling is much lower than I wanted, it would work. And it would. But it wouldn’t be what I set out to accomplish. So I start the search again.

In the meantime I’ll continue to build relationships, continue to run workshops and continue to get “all my ducks in a row”.

4. My Top Secret Muse

Ah, yes. I played around with this for a long time. It’ll work, I’m pretty sure of it but I don’t have the resources at the moment to fulfil it so it’s on the back burner for the time being. It’s not going anywhere though. I just hope nobody beats me to the punch once I’m ready to work on this again.

In the meantime I’ve got another top secret muse up my sleeve – in fact I think I’ve got two!

5. Buying a house

Buying a house it turns out is no easy feat when you live on the salary of a circus boy. In the current economic climate I can get a mortgage but in London I could only afford a garage next door to a crack-den in Harlesden. If I wanted to live anywhere else then I couldn’t get the mortgage.

But, after attending the property course I mentioned above, I have a plan. Two of my best friends and I are plotting and scheming about how we can pool our time, our money and our resources to get onto the property ladder, and I expect that by the end of the year I’ll be able to say that I’ve bought a house, and although it won’t be entirely mine, it will be mine. Stay tuned.

6. Working daytimes

I wish I could say that I’ve moved forward in leaps and bounds here but the truth is I’m still working evenings and weekends. However, it is summer which means that I have my annual two months of irregular daytime work, rather than my regular evening work, which, while not actually changing anything, makes a nice change for the time being.

7. A new relationship

I’d still like to be in a relationship but at the moment it really isn’t where my attention is. I’m working on so many different things that it really hasn’t been in my mind all that much. I’m hoping that as my various projects start to take shape I’ll just naturally become more attractive and girls will start to throw themselves at my feet! To tell you the truth though, I’m so committed to getting Airborne going and buying a house that I’m not so worried about being in a relationship. If I meet someone, great; if not, then not. It’ll happen when it happens. I’m not pushing for it, I’m not taking any specific actions towards it, I’m just keeping my eyes peeled for it. And that’s as far as I’m going to go with it for now.

Anything else?

I already told you about the National Youth Circus Event, which has been a highlight of 2011 so far and, although I’ve mentioned before, I feel it’s deserving of another mention… Circus Geeks.

At the end of March a new circus blogging site was launched: Circus Geeks. Circus Geeks is a collective of circus artists writing about anything and everything to do with circus. We have jugglers, acrobats and sideshow performers from the UK, Germany, USA and Sweden, and I’m very pleased to be part of that blogging community on the site. It’s well worth checking out and if you’re interested you can find my blog here.

The Day Today

So far 2011 has been a very good year. Far better than the scat of 2009 or the comparative blandness of 2010. It’s a busy year that’s for sure but as I start to get all my ducks in a row I can see big things on the horizon – and it looks like fun!


If you like random, irreverent thoughts about life, the universe and circus you can:

… if you feel like it.

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