Circus In The Movies

Movies have been around for a long time and circus for even longer. And they just happen to be two of my favourite things. So step right up, folks! Come and see the most amazing circus movies in town!! You won’t believe your eyes!

When the Circus Comes to Town

This is one of the most amusing videos I’ve seen. Enjoy!

The Circus

It’s not Take That, it’s Charlie Chaplin


The classic sideshow movie


Everyone loves a love triangle story. Everybody loves the circus. See what happens what the two come together.

Big Fish

Tim Burton does circus.


The one in which Bond, James Bond, infiltrates the circus.

(You might want to skip ahead to 2.30)

Big Top Pee-Wee

Before he was caught whacking off in a cinema Pee-Wee was in the circus.


Didn’t you know Elvis was in the carnival?

At The Circus

The Marx Brothers have a big time under the Big Top

Circus Boy

Yes, there’s a movie. No, it isn’t where I got my twitter handle.

Man On Wire

It wasn’t in a circus, but it was definitely one of the greatest displays of skill ever.

Water for Elephants

2011s hit circus movie (that I didn’t see)

Circus World

John Wayne Western x Circus x Titanic =

The Last Circus

2010s other circus movie (aka the R-Rated circus movie)

Bronco Billy

Do you feel circus, punk?


Everyone’s favourite circus elephant

And no circus movie list would be complete without…

The Greatest Show On Earth

What did I miss? Do you have other favourite circus movies? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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