Circus Fitness

“Circus is good for you,” said Ernest Hemingway. (Yes, it hurts; yes, there are injuries; but consider the level of fitness of your average circus artist compared with Joe Blogs.)  And in the video trailer for the Taschen book The Circus 1870-1950 (see Arron’s post here) Voiceover Man describes how in the 19th and early 20th century “the display of women’s physical strength was groundbreaking.”

Doing circus makes you strong, flexible, agile and coordinated. Who wouldn’t want that?

I don’t know why but in recent years people seem to embracing that circus is in fact good for you, and a whole host of circus fitness programmes have been springing up. Here’s a few that I’ve spotted.

*The full Ernest Hemingway quote is “the Circus is good for you. It is the only ageless delight that money can buy.”

Reebok & Cirque du Soleil’s Jukari – Fit to Fly and Fit to…

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