The Muppets Take 2012

With the new Muppet movie, The Muppets, out today – the first in over a decade – you’ve got to wonder if:

A) it could possibly be better that The Muppet Christmas Carol?

Seems unlikely.


B) Will the Henson Company will be bringing back one of the less favoured Muppets, Dexter the Juggler? (You can read more about Dexter the Juggler on the Dubé blog here.)

Also unlikely. Not only because, apart from Kermit, there is not crossover between Sesame Street characters and the Muppet Show but because it was only the Muppet characters and not the Sesame Street characters that were sold to Disney in 2004.

Are you going to go see the Muppets? Who’s your favourite Muppet? 

Mine’s Beaker.

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