My Friends Are Amazing

My friends are amazing. And sometimes they surprise me. Recently I received an email from a really close friend of mine who lives abroad now. It was unexpected and out of the blue and I was moved by her generosity.

She and I don’t get to see each other very often and we don’t speak as much as we should – especially given how easy international communication is nowadays. But she’s one of those people who, regardless of how infrequently we see or speak to each other, will always be my friend.

The always gorgeous and ever-amazing Alex having a casual moment.

Hey Ads,

I’m taking a few seconds out today to tell my closest friends a few reasons why I think they are so incredibly awesome.. I think you’re awesome because you’re always honest, I admire your intelligence and dedication to making something like Airborne Work.. I think you’re the ultimate juggler.. keeping all these grown up balls in the air, maintaining and incredible number of relationships and pursuing your dream..

Those are just a few xx

Lots of love,

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