Ringling Bros Circus Fined for Animal Cruelty

About Animals in the Circus

I’ve always been on the fence about whether animals should or shouldn’t be in the circus but I’m firmly against animal cruelty. If animals are cared for and treated well then I have no objections to them being in the circus. However, if animals are mistreated or abused then the circuses shouldn’t be allowed to keep or perform with them.

Reblogging the above post from All Things Veg isn’t an indication of my personal position. It is only that I found the article – and the fact that Feld Entertainment were fined under the Animal Welfare Act – interesting and relevant.

All Things Veg

The USDA just fined Feld Entertainment $270,000 for Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations. This is the largest fine given in the AWA’s four-decade history. Mother Jones recently exposed this cruel industry. Circuses are one of the cruelest forms of “entertainment” out there. Read the full Mother Jones article now.

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