Familiarity is the Spice of Life

People say that variety is the spice of life, and I don’t disagree. But there’s something I find reassuring and comforting about familiarity. I’ve lived in the same area for the last 5 years, I lived here for 3 years between ’99 – ’01, and I lived around this area when I was a kid before my family moved to Totnes, Devon.

I’ve watched all seven seasons of the West Wing at least four times, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (both by Aaron Sorkin) the same. I’ve read the same books over and over (Mr God, This is Anna I’ve read almost every year since I was small) and I watch films the same way. And while I enjoy reading something new, or seeing a new film, there is something I particularly enjoy about revisiting something I know well.

At the moment I work three different jobs. I teach circus skills at the Circus Space, gymnastics at Hendon Gym Club, and I also teach at a drama school. I’ve tried working one job and I don’t enjoy it. In that area I really do enjoy variety. But when it comes time to watch something in the evening, or as I go to bed, I will invariably choose something I’ve seen before.

Life isn’t always about spice. Sometimes there’s really nothing better than the comfort and familiarity of a character you know like an old friend.