A 5 minute birthday post

Today is my birthday.

Not just any old birthday. Today is my thirtieth birthday.

I’ve been looking forward to being 30 for a while now. I don’t feel old, I haven’t felt a sense of dread that some have told me of, and I hear that life now begins at 30! I wonder what I’ve been doing up until now?

Last night, at around 11.15pm I realised that not only was yesterday the last day I’d be 29 but it was also the last day of my twenties!

I’d come to terms with being 30 but I hadn’t thought about no longer being in my 20s or, in fact, being in my 30s!

It’s almost 3.30pm now. And to be honest, it’s not so different to last Monday.

Except today I get to eat cake and talk about what life was like when I was in my twenties.