Want to Learn Some Circus?

Apart from the usual questions that I get all the time about what I do and how I got into it, lots of people ask me about where and how they can try some circus skills and if I’ll teach them.

And now, the answer is yes. So for all you folks that want to learn some juggling, acrobatic and tight wire here it is:

Saturday, 28th July 2012, 10.00am – 1.00pm at Finchley Youth Theatre where I run Airborne Circus’ classes.

£45 per person

But for all you lovely blog readers… book your space using the code CB1BLOG and get 10% off.

See you there!!

Patfield on beauty


Juggler, rope walker and friend of mine Chris Patfield recently wrote this article for the Guardian:


This bit reminded me of an older post I shared here

 It saddens me to see that this great discipline is increasingly rare in contemporary circus, which no longer invests as much in high-risk performances such as the highwire or trapeze.

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