Completing 2011 & Creating 2012 – Part 2: Creation

Creating 2012

Following on from last week’s post, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want 2012 to be about. I don’t generally do new year’s resolutions but I do like to create what I’m intending to accomplish in the year. However, over the last couple of years I’ve starting to rethink my position on new year’s resolutions, and have made a new year’s resolution each year for the past two years.

I’m starting to think that people fail at their new year’s resolutions not just because they have a poor relationship with honouring their word but because they Continue reading

Completing 2011 & Creating 2012 – Part 1: Completion

In the same vein as last year’s post I’ve been thinking about what I set out to accomplish in 2011, what I’ve actually accomplished, and what I want or am intending to accomplish in 2012. But it goes a little further than just thinking about it. Over this week I’ll actually be completing 2011 and creating 2012 for myself.

Completing 2011

Completion is an act of creation – creating space. It’s acknowledging what you said you’d do, accomplish or produce, and acknowledging what you actually did. It doesn’t matter whether you did what you said you’d do or not or succeeded or failed at accomplishing or producing something. It’s simply an acknowledgement of what you said and what you did. No make wrong, no guilt, no pomp. It completes your promises, puts the past in the past and creates a space for a new future. Continue reading

Getting My Ducks In A Row

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a proper update. Recently I’ve been posting a lot of photos and videos but I figured that since it’s now nearing the end of July I should probably give a mid-year update on the 7 things I created for 2011 (there was an April update here).

1. Learning More

I’ve continued my quest to learn and so far this year I’ve been focusing on learning about property Continue reading